We provide testing services for your products.

We will review your business and technical requirements, and perform all required testing to ensure your product is released with high quality.
We will work with your development team to raise defects and verification of fixes. The following list of testing is included:

1. Functional testing
2. Regression testing
3. Black box/Grey Box/White box testing
4. Performance testing and competitive benchmarking
5. Load testing (to ensure your systems scale)
6. Penetration testing
7. Negative/destructive testing

In addition to providing QA services, we also develop automated test solutions to target your product under test. We will also keep extended the automation as your product changes. Once built, we will hand off the test solution to your organization. We can develop automated test systems for:

1. Android devices
2. iOS Devices
3. Web applications
4. System back-end services
5. full end-to-end automation for complex setup